Sloganon [slow-gan-on] noun. Management of the political lexicon; use of language to structure argument by infantilising public debates esp. by politicians; targeted deployment of catch-phrases intended to avoid interrogation or analysis of issues; cross-national borrowing and recycling ofideas to create illusion of political community. See also spin, sound-bite.

Examples of sloganons: ‘the will of the [British] people’; ‘take back control’; ‘our values’; ‘strong and stable leadership’; ‘pray for’…


 Sloganon’anon [slow-gan-on-an-on] noun. A recuperative strategy designed to expose or contest meanings performed through the management of the political lexicon, esp. by non-party activists; identification of sloganons; creative investigation of alternative meanings esp. through visual and digital arts; reconstruction of ideas and concepts to neutralise power advantages advanced by the deployment of sloganons.

Help us build the Sloganon’anon dictionary! Choose a slogan (one you have heard over the previous week) and post your creative response on Twitter – text, drawing, graphics, audio or video (max 1 minute) etc  Be inventive! Post your creative response to #sloganon’anon – and let’s build an alternative political lexicon!


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