Communal Citizen lunches online

IMG_3223With a nod to our Re-imagining Citizenship project, we planned to re-instigate communal Citizen lunches on campus before the world changed shape…so we are having Communal Citizen lunches online instead. Bring food/drink for eating and thinking. Next one  Friday 8th May 12.30 – Chiara Dellerba ponders dealing with boredom under ‘lockdown’, she suggests

  • The Upside of Downtime by Sandi Mann
  • Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zomorodi

…and Ruth Kinna asks, Who wants normal? ‘Government pundits talk about life after the pandemic as the return to ‘normality’. What does this mean?’  Join us for lunch/chat.

Join our Zoom Meeting:

Read Ruth’s article in D.I.Y.Culture Covid-19 special 

References from Chiara on ‘boredom’:

Sandi Mann’s work on Google Books ( So .

Manoush Zomorodi TED talk:

Brainpickings on boredom:

Also interesting is Peter Toohey’s Boredom: A Lively History. Extract of the book here:


Friday 10th April 12.30

‘Things that were supposed to be unstoppable stopped, and things that were supposed to be impossible – extending workers rights and benefits, freeing prisoners, moving a few trillion dollars around in the US – have already happened’ (from Rebecca Solnit, ‘The impossible has already happened’: what coronavirus can teach us about hope’ Tues 7 April 2020 in The Guardian)

Are comments from unlikely quarters, such as ‘maybe there is such a thing as society after all’, mere rhetoric?  What comes after all this? Has the impossible already happened? yes its a big question…but lets think about this for now…bring lunch…we can think about how we structure future citizen lunches on Friday!

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Friday 3rd April 12.30-1.10pm

What is it to be a ‘socially-distanced’ citizen in these strange times? Bring lunch and bring something else to the table to share – in form of a short quote, poem, idea, image, photo, artefact.

If you want to join us, follow this link


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