Seminar Series 2021

This seminar series is a platform for our members to (formally or informally) present their work and their practice then frames a wider discussion about re-imagining citizenship ( 

Wednesday 24th March at 1pm-2pm

At our last meeting, we agreed that we would use the next PPRG seminar as a reading group session. We suggest the following Hito Steyerl’s article to read in advance of the meeting – available here :
Discussing this article will pave the way for a wider discussion on politicised practices. All welcome
Microsoft Teams meeting:
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Wednesday 24th February at 1.30-2.30pm

So far this year, we have had three fascinating practitioner presentations to frame a wider discussion about re-imagining citizenship (  Rita Marcalo: Borrisokane Is Dancing…Valeria Medici: Wombenhood ProjectSarah Selby: Subversive Technology and Antisocial Networks We will use this session to discuss these projects/works further and revisit a more systematic interrogation of the nature of politicized practice and what that might be. Please feel free to join our conversation even if you did not attend previous sessions. Our doors are always open…

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Wednesday 27th January at 1pm

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Valeria Medici: The WOMBENHOOD project. Wombenhood wishes to promote the menstrual cycle – a recurring and often painful, opportunity to refresh, restart and renew – that influences many people* in the world, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality and class. The project aims for menstruation to be acknowledged among individuals, organisations, workplaces and society at large in a shame-free manner with the possibility of renovating workplace policies and societal taboo. Valeria Medici She/HerSicilian Fine Art Undergraduate at the University of Northampton whose practice is exploring dialogical, collaborative and socially engaged environments in the co-creation of meanings with a desire for social change through art-making processes.

Sarah Selby: Subversive Technology and Antisocial Networks
Sarah is an interdisciplinary artist exploring digital culture through creative applications of emerging and pervasive technologies. Her work blurs the boundaries between the digital and physical, exploring how they overlap, contradict and impact one another. She seeks to expose and critique invisible and intangible systems, using art to provoke discussion amongst new voices. In 2019, she was nominated for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize in the new-media category, and was selected for arebyte Gallery’s ‘Hotel Generation’ programme resulting in her solo show ‘Raised by Google’. (

Wednesday 17th January at 11am

Borrisokane Is Dancing…
on 17 January @ 11:00 , Online

Borrisokane Is Dancing is an augmented reality site-specific choreography experienced through your mobile phone, and which makes use of 360 degree film. Co-created and performed by both migrant and host communities in Borrisokane, the work will draw from Instant Dissidence’s background in contemporary dance, whilst also embracing popular dance culture, and traditional/folk dance forms from the countries of origin of the migrant and host communities.
Rita is a long-term collaborator of the Politicised Practice Research Group and has presented several of her works here at Loughborough. Instant Dissidence is an Ireland-based socially-engaged and ecologically-engaged company directed by Rita. They foreground the role that dance/choreography can play as a social engine; they are ‘artivists’ who believe in the power of connecting art and social consciousness. More information can be found at

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