About the Anarchism Research Group

The ARG is based in Loughborough University’s School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences.  Its aims are:

  • to provide an informal space for the discussion, exploration and analysis of anarchist ideas and practices;
  • to support anarchism research across scholarly disciplines in the University;
  • to help raise the profile of anarchist studies through scholarship and public engagement;
  • to co-ordinate with external networks to promote international collaborative work and anarchism research at Loughborough;
  • to organise seminars for postgraduate researchers working on aspects of anarchist history and politics.

The ARG was established in 2008. It contributes to the Communication, Culture and Citizenship (CCC) Challenge at Loughborough University and is networked nationally with the Anarchist Studies Network (a specialist group of the UK Political Studies Association) and internationally with the Anarchist Studies Initiative at SUNY, Cortland.

ARG seminars are free and open to all and we make papers and recordings available online.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our activities, please contact one of the co-ordinators (; or All are welcome to attend ARG seminars.

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