Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book

What is at stake in re-imagining new forms of citizenship and modes of civic participation? How can the notion of citizenship – in our trans/post-national society – be reconfigured without subjection? How can it help us to transform our practices, behaviours and environments?

The Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book/Re-imagining Citizenship Living Archive forms part of an ongoing dialogue around themes related to art and political activisms. Since 2014, artists, researchers and associates of the three Research Groups have organised events, installations, performances and participatory activities to explore the potential for art practices to re-imagine citizenship. These culminated in a series of activities during Brexit ‘deadline’ week in March 2019. The Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book is a collaborative risograph publication (printed at Footprint Coo-operative in Leeds). Thirty contributors  have devised a range of different activities, inviting readers to respond creatively to sets of instructions (using text, video, sound or graphics) and upload them to the Living Archive at The project will be exhibited at Palazzo Mora at the European Cultural Centre in the Venice Biennale from 11 May to 24 November 2019.

Re-imagine, participate, respond! Help us develop and share new, creative approaches to citizenship!

Contributors to the Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book will run a series of related workshops throughout the exhibition period at the European Cultural Centre in Venice. Further information at or contact Gillian Whiteley

 Re-imagining Citizenship is a collaborative ongoing project initiated and produced by the Politicized Practice/Anarchism/Theatre Activism Research Groups based at Loughborough University.